Teladoc HHS system info - Fri Mar 5 11:05:43 PST 2021

reach5 systems status
greenAll systems available
yellowSome impact to customers and/or intermittent failures
redComponent unavailable
Reach v5 telemedicine network
The network and technical infrastructure to support Reach v5 televideo and communications between physicians and patients.
Reach v5 endpoint connectivity (carts)
The capability for endpoint devices (carts) to contact the Reach v5 telemedicine servers.
Reach v5 application
The Reach v5 application which enables connections from patients to physicians, and enables physicians to document patient encounters.
Reach v5 PACS Viewer application
The Reach v5 PACS Viewer application used by providers to access and display medical images.
greenReach v5 telemedicine network
greenReach v5 endpoint connectivity (carts)
greenReach v5 application
greenReach v5 PACS Viewer application

reach5: All systems available

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