Teladoc HHS system info - Fri Mar 5 11:27:10 PST 2021

lp systems status
greenAll systems available
yellowSome impact to customers and/or intermittent failures
redComponent unavailable
Teladoc LP (WebRTC) televideo
The WebRTC televideo system used by Teladoc LP for all telemedicine sessions.
Teladoc LP Overflow
Teladoc LP interface to Teladoc Core network of physicians.
Microsoft Azure system hosting
The Microsoft Azure datacenters, servers, and network interfaces which provide hosting and support for the Teladoc LP application.
Power BI
The Power BI data analytics and business intelligence subsystem.
Redox EMR interfaces
The Redox technical infrastructure to support interfaces from the Teladoc LP application to health system EMRs.
SSO infrastructure
The technical infrastructure to support single-signon authentication to the Teladoc LP system via health system authentication providers.
greenTeladoc LP (WebRTC) televideo
greenTeladoc LP Overflow
greenMicrosoft Azure system hosting
greenPower BI
greenRedox EMR interfaces
greenSSO infrastructure

lp: All systems available

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