Teladoc HHS system info - Fri Mar 5 12:06:14 PST 2021

brazil systems status
greenAll systems available
yellowSome impact to customers and/or intermittent failures
redComponent unavailable
Teladoc HHS telemedicine network (11 datacenters)
The Teladoc HHS telemedicine network comprising 5 datacenters in the US and 6 datacenters outside the US.
WebRTC televideo
The core WebRTC televideo system used by Solo / IWA applications for browser-based telemedicine sessions.
[BR] IWA application servers
The Solo / IWA web application servers.
[BR] Database servers
The Solo / IWA database servers.
[BR] Kubernetes servers
The Kubernetes system which enables load balancing and redundancy for the Solo / IWA application.
[BR] APIs to enable session creation / modification
The network and technical infrastructure to support APIs to the Solo / IWA application servers to enable session creation / modification.
Patient/Physician notifications
The cloud-hosted network and servers used to notify physicians when patients are waiting for encounters.
Patient/Provider browser apps
The native web browser applications which support physician and patient access for telehealth sessions.
Patient/Provider mobile apps
The native mobile apps for IOS and Android devices which support physician and patient access for telehealth sessions.
greenTeladoc HHS telemedicine network (11 datacenters)
greenWebRTC televideo
green[BR] IWA application servers
green[BR] Database servers
green[BR] Kubernetes servers
green[BR] APIs to enable session creation / modification
greenPatient/Physician notifications
greenPatient/Provider browser apps
greenPatient/Provider mobile apps

brazil: All systems available

Please see the Platform Performance Updates page for information about our system and product upgrade plans, updated daily. The password to access this page was shared in an email from InTouch Health.

To report issues please contact Teladoc HHS's Technical Assistance Center at 877-484-9119